Mystery Flood Hits Bury

source: David Michael Morris via FlickrAfter a heavy downpour in the Bury region, it was discovered that a couple of properties in Grassmere Drive, Gigg in Bury had flooded with no explanation, leaving residents of the area confused as to why their homes had flooded so quickly. At their peak, the water levels rose to over two feet high.

Fire fighters from the area were called in to help with the rising levels, and got in touch with Bury Council whose staff came to the rescue helping residents move their property out to safety and clear up the wreckage left by the flood. Once the water levels in the drains had dropped further to the blockage being cleared, there was an oily residue left behind according to a spokesman from the fire service.

Drainage experts were called in to try get to the bottom of the cause, and it is believed that a large quantity of oil being emptied into a drain caused a blockage and is therefore responsible for the homes being flooded. This is now being looked into further by the Environment Agency to find out whether this is likely the cause of the problem.

One of the residents affected by the rainwater flooding into their home was 17-year-old Saniya Sajjan. She said, rties affected, said, It has caused lots of damage. We have had to throw out our carpets and our sofa is ruined. We have been told that oil down the drains caused the problem.

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