Locksmith Raises Money For Charity By Cutting Keys For Friends

source: ahisgett via FlickrMidlands Air Ambulance Charity is celebrating a wind fall after Fred Collins, a dedicated worker from of WHG locksmiths raised hundreds of pounds by cutting keys in his own leisure time and weighing in the off cut scrap metal and waste products.

Fred has been working as a locksmith for Walsall Housing Group for twelve years. He had built up quite a haul of scrap metal totalling nearly four tons of scrap, which weighed in at the scrap shop for 585. He also cut keys in his spare time, and collected donations from friends and family, customers and local clients for keys cut outside of work hours, and this bumped the total up to over a thousand pounds, proving that he really is a cut above the rest; maybe this trader knows the key to success. He said,

“Im really pleased that Id kept what was left as I hope it will make a real difference to the charity.”

The Cheslyn Hay resident added to his pile of scrap metal with parts from old locks and cylinders which are broken and of no use. Fred commented that it was surprising how quickly the amount of money being collected for charity can add up when asking people to contribute a few coins for the good cause in exchange for his services.

Katy Meaney, from Midlands Air Ambulance Charity, said that the donations Mr Collins had provided would go towards helping secure the air ambulance service for the area. The vital service requires charitable donations to continue helping save lives and supporting the emergency services but relies entirely upon charity raised funds in order to do so, making the efforts of people like Fred invaluable.

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