Hose Pipe Ban Needs Full Backing Of Responsible Gardeners

garden hoseA survey conducted by DIY superstore B&Q† revealed that 20% of homeowners are still planning to water their lawns and other non-perishable plants, despite the hose pipe ban taking effect on 5th†April this year.

The poll also showed that 85% would not report their neighbours if they broke the hose pipe ban. Taking effect later on next week, this yearís hose pipe ban is due to affect 20 million people across regions in the South and Eastern areas of the UK.

Despite the findings of the poll, last yearís hose pipe ban proved rather effective when it comes to the conservation of water during the hot summer months. B&Q reported a massive 196% increase in water butt sales this time last spring, showing that a number of people across the country are taking on the sustainable approach to their gardening.

Water butts and other resources that capture rainwater are essential when it comes to conserving water and obeying the seasonal hose pipe ban. Celebrity gardener Alan Titchmarsh has spoken out about the hose pipe ban and the findings of the survey that has deemed many gardeners irresponsible.

Mr Titchmarsh, known for his gardening advice, commented that water companies should be able to punish gardeners that donít take the ban as seriously as they should do. He also advises that homeowners should let their lawns go brown and that non-perishable plants should not be watered as this encourages plants to find their own sources of water. Plant beds and borders should still be watered regularly, but to limit evaporation, water and then cover with a thin layer of bark to retain as much moisture as possible.

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