Dislodged Pipe Tries – And Fails – To Spoil Couple’s Big Day

Mike and Mary Hicks faced a wedding reception with a difference on Saturday in Malmesbury, as a flood gate crashed their wedding at the hotel. The ceremony went ahead with no hitches whatsoever; however the night time bash will be very memorable for the happy couple.

At around 9pm, a heavy shower started which lasted for around 20 mins, and water began pouring through the ceiling.

Phil Rice, who is the deputy town clerk, was covering for the usual caretaker on the night. From what was found, a pipe became dislodged and water was able to pass through the inside of the building, coming through just outside the main bar area.

The local fire brigade were called straight away for fear of the water getting into the electrics of the building and the entire wedding party were moved to another room and given a drink on the house for the inconvenience.

The fire brigade were fantastic, managing to put the problem under control, working around the guests, and getting the party back up and running again within the hour.

The firemen even found the time to hang around afterwards, and had photos taken with the bride and groom, making their day even more memorable.

A spokesman for the fire service commented, “It had got to that point – these people had just been rained on at their wedding reception so the pictures might have cheered them up a little bit.”

One wedding guest, Stephanie Whateley joked, “I have heard of it being good luck for a chimney sweep to come to the wedding, but several soot-covered firemen is definitely one better.”

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