Pensioner Becomes Ill After Accusations Made By Kinross County Council

Source: doortoriver via FlickrAn elderly pensioner has become ill after accusations were made about her by Perth and Kinross County Council during a dispute between her neighbour and Council Officials. It all came about when William Swinton aged 61 complained to Council staff that he had to huddle around a portable radiator on cold nights due to his storage heater packing in. For 5mths he tried to get a new heating system installed into his home.

Local paper, The Courier, contacted the council about the response William had received, who explained that before the installation of a replacement heating system could go ahead, the electrical supply to the property would need to be upgraded. They said that,

“As the tenant’s neighbour (an owner occupier) is on the same electrical supply, we need the neighbour’s permission before this upgrade work can go ahead. This has caused a slight delay but we are doing our best to gain this permission.”

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Dempsey Dyer Pass Window Security Test With Flying Colours

Window manufacturer Dempsey Dyer need not wonder whether to class their new tilt and turn window as a door after it recently passed the BSI security test, adding to an already lengthy list of accreditations the company could boast for their products. The BS7950 high security test set by BSI has been passed by Dempsey Dyer’s UPVC Tilt & Turn Window at BSI’s UKAS accredited test house in Hemel Hempstead on the 15th July. Because of the window’s size, (900mm width and 2100mm height) BSI employees were in two minds as to what the product should be classed as; a door or a window.

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Residents Demand CCTV and Increased Security

Source: Jeremy Burgin via FlickrResidents whom have lobbied for years to remove drug dealing from their street have finally received a break through with Renfrewshire County Council. Local tenants complained of the ‘blatant’ exchange of class A drugs between the dealers and the users, and the left over drug paraphernalia, such as used syringes and other objects. As a solution to this ‘epidemic’ of drug misuse Renfrewshire Council agreed to use a range of local security specialists to install hi-tech cctv systems and the latest security entry systems, in order to aid the prevention of drug dealing and drug use. Read more…

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Basingstoke Skip Hire Company Employees Bin Their Clothes

Source: MarkWallace via FlickrA Basingstoke skip hire company have gone all out in their attempt to raise money for CLIC Sargent a charity for children with cancer and neonatal unit for premature babies at Basingstoke hospital. The eleven employees aged between 23 and 53 have had photos taken posing naked, carrying out their daily activities in order to sell copies of a calendar to raise money for the local charity. The terrified staff at the skip hire company, were all nervous about having their photographs taken in the nude, but if posing naked was not bad enough, the photographer was their female boss. Read more…

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Pensioner Harassed By Satellite Dish Insurance Company

Source: nerdcoregirl via FlickrAn old age pensioner is being harassed and threatened with legal action for an unpaid Sky Dish insurance policy although she does not even own a satellite dish. Satellite equipment insurers Got U Covered based in West Sussex, who claim to be the UK’s largest service agreement provider, sold the vulnerable Daphne Baldwin satellite cover. Daphne suffers from dementia and has never actually owned any satellite equipment yet the Credit Control Team from Got U Covered insist on chasing her for unpaid bills and threatening court action. Read more…

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Neighbours Protest Over Security Fence

Source: roy costello via FlickrSouth Oxfordshire district council gave Olivia Harrison permission to install new security defences around her mansion in Henley-on-Thames after an ongoing battle to protest against the extreme security measures she had in place. The mansion is currently protected by a 985 meters of razor wire fence which was installed after a brutal attack at the property in 1999 when a schizophrenic Liverpudlian broke into the property and stabbed the musician.

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Porcelain Drill Is Taking The Hard Work Out Of Drilling Tiles

Source: publicprivate via FlickrPorcelain has presented many a tiler with drilling problems for years, due to its hard nature.  Up until now the only feasible way to solve this problem was to use a TCT tipped cutter or elaborate water feed systems.  However the expensive nature associated with these products has put many off tradesmen over the years. That is up until now however.

Toolpak have introduced their new force X diamond core drill.  The drill is specifically designed to be used on porcelain and encompasses a mini diamond core tip and is electroplated. Demand for the new drill is high, with plumbers and tilers especially.  The drills range between 6 to 40mm making them compatible with a variety of applications, and are ideal for cordless and corded drills alike.

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DIY Becoming Big Hit For Women

Source: alancleaver_2000 via FlickrA survey by DIY chain giant B&Q showed that ¾ of women are now downing kitchen utensils and picking up the tool box to tackle DIY problems around their homes from decorating the house, putting up shelves, fitting laminate floors and even tackling small plumbing jobs. They report that the sudden change of heart is down to the recession, with the need to save pennies becoming a hell of a lot greater. Read more…

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Mother & Daughter Trapped In Public Toilet

Source: debs-eye via FlickrKrishna and Jasmine Moe had to be rescued by a local locksmith. Krishna, mum, and Jasmine, her 2-year-old daughter, were trapped in a stinking public loo for more than an hour when the lock jammed. Krishna Moe, 39, was left furious by her ordeal in toilets which were fitted just three months ago at Romsey Recreation Ground in Cambridge.

Entry to the Romsey loo is controlled by a 20p payment and a crowd which gathered outside the block was unable to release Krishna and little Jasmine. In the end locksmith Barry Hall (a local trader)  had to drill the lock to get the pair out. Families say it is not the first time people have got stuck. Read more…

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Reading Flood Damages Gardens and Roads

Source: shimgray via FlickrGardens have been left underwater, after a mains water supply has burst, in Wilderness Road, Earley, Reading. Water started leaking around 7:00am in the morning, quickly covering roads, and nearby gardens. The water supply was dealt with quickly as Thames Waters shut off the water supply. The engineers had to wait until the water had cleared to dig up the road before work could commence. Fortunately for residents none of the water reached the properties and none of the houses were affected. Read more…

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