Customer Survey Reveals Flexidry Wall Does Exactly What It Says On The Tin

UK company, Trust have recently carried out a customer service survey for a new product that has hit the market in the industrial sector for floor screeding. The new product is an innovation in the plastering and screeding world and all of the people in High Wycombe that have tried the new product are very happy with it.

The product is called flexidry and is a fast drying self levelling screed which is the two most important things about the process. The company who make the product are called felxidry global are very happy to have met customer’s expectations by delivering on their promise of a quick drying screed of excellent quality.

Customers and tradesmen alike love the product because when a project is getting close to the deadline, screeding is normally one of the last jobs to be done because it needs time to dry so no one can enter the area until it is dry. Now tradesmen possess a unique, self levelling product that dries quickly. This allows them to complete the job on time and avoid the penalty fees that they would incur if they had to work past the deadline. Because of this, users are saving not just time, but also money.

Flexidry are also very proud of their website and interaction with their customers through their customer service department, and the feedback from the customers they have received has included comments on how good the communication is with the supplier of the product and themselves.

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