British Gas and Rockwool to Insulate Historic British Heritage Buildings

Edwin. 11 via FlickrHampton court Palace, the tower of London, Buckingham and Kensington palace are  due to be made ‘green’ , thanks to a  massive project to reduce bills and ultimately carbon footprints; which are excessive due to the old age of the buildings.

British Gas and a company called Rockwool,  are set to take on the mammoth task; providing and installing approximately eleven thousand rolls of insulation. Figures that have been released show an estimated reduction of £130,000 in gas bills and a reduction of carbon emissions by 850 tonnes. This means, however, that experts will need to be consulted due to the age of the houses as they have rafters over 500 years old.

This will make for a sound financial future for these buildings, as well as helping to save the environment. 80% of the installation will be carried out at Hampton court, amounting to 3,500 meters. To put this into perspective, this will comprise of approximately 100 average size semi-detached houses.

As most of the properties are maintained and cared for by self-funded charities, the savings on the bills alone will help greatly towards the continual care needed to keep these historic buildings intact for future generations to come.

These buildings have been standing and enjoyed for over 100 years, gathering many stories and touching many people’s lives along the way; so if an investment of this kind keeps those memories alive for longer as well as contributing towards saving the environment then all the insulation construction work will be worth it.

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