Bristol Leads The Way With Green Property Renovation

Source: Giles Douglas via FlickrTo promote trying to make homes eco-friendly, more than 50 homes in Bristol will open their doors for members of the public to visit in order to demonstrate how to reduce domestic energy consumption and eco-retrofit older properties. The open houses will be part of the UK’s Open House Month and will take place on 11–12th of September 2010.

The promotion has been put into place to kick start people’s interest and enthusiam towards energy efficiency, especially considering the lack of work from the government to inspire greener steps with property renovation, and it is seen as a vital way to boost enthusiasm within the local community with regard to reducing their carbon footprints.

The people of Bristol are leading the way at the moment with regard to striving for a lower carbon lifestyle where their homes are concerned, with initiatives such as Bristol Green Doors which aims to bring the city’s people together and actively teach them how to make their homes more energy efficient by reducing waste, energy costs, and resultantly, their cost of living.

They aren’t just stopping at the Open House scheme either; there will be two months of related courses and practical workshops at venues within the city to continue the theme of spreading the word about eco retrofitting and greener living and renovation of homes. The hope is that the Bristol Green Doors project will set an example for other cities to follow and promote a nationwide initiative to show that homes can be cheaper to heat, comfortable to live in and more efficient through sharing experiences and good practice.

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