Bridlington Receives Kitchen Waste Recycling Bins

kitchen waste recyclingResidents of Bridlington in Yorkshire are to be used to try out a scheme that has already proved hugely successful in many other areas of the country. 22,000 residents will all receive a new 7 litre mini bin that will be used to house food scraps and left-overs which are then put in big brown bins to be recycled rather than being sent to landfill.

Customers will in addition be supplied with 150 recyclable cornstarch bags that will help users keep the kitchen caddies clean and tidy, and areĀ  estimated to use a rate of 3 a week. Residents can either choose to use old newspapers as a lining of collect more from customer services in the council or at local libraries.

The plan is eventually to be rolled out in other locations across the area. It is estimated that in total, 2,000 tonnes will be recycled and this will push the amount across the board to 50% recycled waste items; this includes bottles, cans and paper products that are already being collected.

With all this in mind, it helps reduce the strain that is being put on the environment and also take the burden off the ever full landfill sites that are already at breaking points with record amounts of rubbish being disposed of. Current research shows that around a third of bin waste is currently food stuff, which should now be put to better use and help cut costs in the long term.

Councillor Symon Fraser, “From every angle, including environmental and economic, it makes sense to compost it.”

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