Solar Water Heating Specialists in the UK

Solar Water Heating Installation

Solar power is a particularly viable resource produced in renewable energy generation due to its tangible benefits for both the homeowner and the environment but how does this product work? Solar water heating is achieved through solar thermal collectors, which are not to be confused with the Solar PV panels that produce electricity. There are two types of solar thermal collectors: flat plate and solar evacuated tubes. Both types are coated to absorb the sun's energy, which is then transferred as heat using copper piping. This heat is transferred to the cylinder in your home, which is used to heat the water until it is ready to use from the tap. You can benefit from the use of solar water heating products even when sunshine is infrequent, use LocalTraders to find a solar water heating company near you.

Renewable Solar Energy Installers

Whether you are opting for the installation of solar thermal collectors or a heat pump, there are many ways a home or business owner can benefit if they opt to replace their existing system with solar water heating. As well as reducing your carbon footprint and bringing emissions down, the installation of a solar heating system will significantly decrease your heating bills. There are also government incentive schemes that give you the opportunity to earn money from the energy you generate. The systems themselves never need refuelling and have no moving parts so solar thermal collectors need very minimal maintenance. The addition of solar water heating products is also very appealing to prospective buyers and can increase the value of your property.

Solar Energy Generation

For a cleaner, greener alternative to burning fossil fuel, utilise a solar water heating product with the experts at As well as the solar thermal collectors, our specialists can assist you with other sustainable heating products like air source and ground source heat pumps. As well as providing the professional installation of this non-pollutant and renewable source, our professionals are on hand to assist you from the start of your upgrades providing expert advice and design services. Whether you require a commercial or residential installation, our technicians can help you with the planning and initial design of your new system so that your installation is tailor-made to your home or business property. Utilise and access a network of the best solar water heating installers in the UK.