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St Laurence's Church in Upton is the oldest building in Slough and according to the experts dates back around 900 years. wonders how many of the original roof slates are still on and how many have withstood the test of time?

If you need your building to stand the test of time and you want an expert roofer in Slough to make this happen then can find the right man (or woman) for the job.

From re-tiling roofs to replacing broken slates, installing rafters to replacing rotting or damaged laths, or advising on how best to create light in your loft conversion, our roofers in Slough are masters of their craft.

Leave it to us to find the right Slough roofer for you, that won't cost you a penny. After completing our online enquiry form, up to six experts will contact you to provide you with a no-obligation quote in no time.

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J Webb Roofing & Property Maintenance is a family run businesses with over 10 years experience!

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Inverted flat roofs can be built by enlisting the services of experienced roofing specialists in Slough

The talents of Slough roofing specialists will be of significant use to you if you need to have an inverted flat roof erected. An inverted flat roof is different from a warm deck flat roof as its insulating material is installed above the waterproofing substance, which is why it is sometimes called an upside down roof.

The construction of inverted flat roofing can be carried to completion by our reliable roofing experts in Slough without it costing you an arm and a leg. Inverted flat roofs is a widely selected roofing solution, as not only is it well documented as lasting a long time they are lightweight which facilitates an easy installation.

Because the insulation of the roof is laid onto the top of the roof membrane, rather than the other way around it is shielded from the elements meaning that it is unable to contract an expand as the weather dictates, meaning that there is no need for repair jobs that are necessitated by other types of roofs. So recruit an experienced tradespeople in Slough and have them construct an inverted flat roof.

Materials for roofing made from metal can be catered by reliable Slough roofing firms

Metal is an extremely flexible material with which to construct roofs and can be called to use in a variety of different forms.

Our experienced Slough roofing specialists can be hired to cater a vast array of metal roofing products.

Should the budget that you're working under not give you much to deviate from then you could install tin roofing, which is hard wearing and inexpensive.

Aluminium constructed roofing has developed into an extremely popular proposition as it is both extremely lightweight and resistant to damage.

Copper also enjoys high levels of popularity for the construction of roofs, as it is durable, and after it has been installed for some time unique colour schemes are naturally created.

You can fit metal roof shingles to provide a hard wearing roof covering that will extend its life line.

So enlist the services of our skilled tradespeople in Slough to obtain materials for roofing made from metal at an easily affordable price.