Roofers in Newry

St Patrick's Church of Ireland was built in Newry in 1578 and was thought to be the first ever church built in Ireland, but was later destroyed by fire. If it had still been around today wonders what the roof would have looked like and we wonder what materials would have been used in the build back then?

If your home or business has been damaged by fire and you need some emergency repair work from a reputable Newry roofer then leave it to us.

We pride ourselves on our efficient service and can find the perfect roofer for you, no matter what the job.

From a leaking roof causing damp inside your property to resealing a flat roof to prevent structural damage to a single storey extension. You won't regret letting find recommended roofers in Newry who can provide you with up to six competitive quotes, free of charge.

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Roof tiles that have become dislodged can be replenished by talented Newry roofing specialists

If you have roof tiles that have slipped then you may find the skills of roofing firms in Newry to be of use. It is a problem that cannot be avoided that somewhere down the line you will need to sort out a broken roof tile. But if the problem is not addressed in time can lead to structural weakening of your tiled roof design.

Our skilled roofing experts in Newry can be hired to re-administer the tiles on the roof of your domicile. If you want to run through the repairs in your own time then you can utilise the expertise of our knowledgeable tradesmen to help you hire a roof ladder. They can also supply you with a quotation that is accurate so that you can be sure of the cost of a new tiled roof.

So have your slipped roof tiles reapplied by employing a reputable local tradespeople in Newry.

Flat felt roof repairs can be carried to completion by reliable roofing experts in Newry

If you have developed a problem with your flat felt roofing then you will benefit from the expertise of reliable Newry roofing firms.

It can be a burdensome assignment to carry out a flat felt roof repair, as a leak can lead to your home's interior taking on significant damage.

Our skilled roofing firms in Newry can be appointed to carry repairs on flat felt roofs to completion.

Leaks in flat felt roofing can be fixed by calling upon replacement felt for roofing to cover the hole that is causing problems.

Another popular material that is utilised in the fixing of flat felt roofs is bitumen, which is a fully waterproof roofing material.

All flat felt roofing repair work will be fully complicit with all necessary UK building regulations.

So appoint one of our accomplished local tradespeople in Newry to undertake flat felt roof repairs by calling upon their wealth of industry knowledge.