Roofers in Newport

The Ye Olde Murenger pub is the oldest pub in Newport and dates back to 1530. wonders how many pints were poured back then for the tradespeople that worked to build it?

If you have an old building and you need an experienced Newport roofer to help with some repairs then can help you find one with an enviable reputation and a competitive price.

From re-tiling roofs to replacing broken slates, installing rafters to replacing rotting or damaged laths, our roofing experts can provide the advice and practical solution you are looking for completely free of charge.

Why not speak to us and let us do all the hard work for you and up to six of our handpicked roofers in Newport will contact you direct to offer a free quotation.

S-Ways Roofing

Located in the heart of South Wales, S-WAYS Roofing & Building Services are a well established company with over 3 decades of experience...

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L Golledge Roofing

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Repair work on metal roofing can be carried out by skilled Newport roofing specialists

If you have a leaking metal roof then a reliable Newport roofing companies will be of great benefit to you. It is always a good idea to have a leak fixed as soon as possible as a leak that is left untreated can lead to serious damage. Luckily our reputable Newport roofing firms can be contracted to undertake the repair of a metal roof.

How severe the damage to the roof is will have an impact on the most suitable way to fix the leak. If the damage that has been done is not too severe then you can simply utilise roof repair tape. If the damage to your metal roof is more severe than that then metal roofing sheet may have to be used to patch the hole.

Once you have completed any metal roof repair work metal roof sealants should be called into use to stop the problem returning. So employ a reliable tradesmen in Newport and have them repair your metal roof at a price you can afford.

Materials for metal roofs can be provided by reliable roofing experts in Newport

Metal is one of the most adaptable materials with which to construct roofing and can be called to use in a variety of different forms. Our skilled roofing companies in Newport can be appointed to provide a selection of metal roofing supplies.

Should the budget that you are working from leave very little space to deviate then you could install tin roofing, as it is an extremely durable, inexpensive option. Aluminium roofing is riding high in the popularity stakes as it is both extremely lightweight and resistant to damage.

Copper roofing is also an attractive option, as it is durable, and after it has been installed for some time unique colour schemes are naturally created. You can fit metal roof shingles to provide you with a covering for your roof that is able to resist damage that will go some way to extending its life cycle.

So enlist the services of our skilled local tradespeople in Newport to have materials for roofing that are made from metal without you having to break the bank.