Roofers in Londonderry

St Columb's Church is one of the oldest structures still in use in Londonderry after being built in 1663. wonders how William Parrot who completed the building found quality roofers without the help of

Our Londonderry roofers offer competitive prices along with a friendly, reliable service and quality workmanship.

We only ever recommend the best here at and guarantee you will go on to recommend us.

Whether you have got storm damage to the roof of your modern townhouse or you need a completely new thatched roof for your cottage we can find the right roofer for the job, at no cost to you.

If it's straightforward maintenance you need then we can provide that too, speak to us today – don't delay.

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Talented roofing experts in Londonderry can be employed to erect a warm flat roof

Should you need to run through the building of a flat roof the expertise of accomplished Londonderry roofing firms will be of great use to you.

A warm deck flat roof building job can be carried to completion by experienced Londonderry roofing specialists.

A warm decked flat roof is a different from a cold deck flat roof in that the insulation is applied to the outside of your house which for all practical purposes moves the deck of the roof indoors, which will explain why they are called warm decked flat roofs.

When you run through a warm deck flat roof construction then your roof will not require the installation of a ventilation system as it does not call for you to capture warm air pockets, but rather conserve the heat that is already in your home.

Our talented professionals can be relied on to run through the construction of a warm deck flat roof to a level that satisfies even the most stringent warm deck flat roof specification.

So appoint an accomplished Londonderry tradesmen and have a warm flat roof built for your domicile.

Roofing systems for house extensions can be assembled by our experienced Londonderry roofing experts

If you're building an extension for your domicile then you will benefit greatly from hiring a reputable roofing companies in Londonderry. The first thing you will need to be will be to decide what sort of roof it is that you want which our experienced roofing companies in Londonderry can then construct.

Pitched roofs are the most popular roof types as on top of the fact that they look fantastic, they can be utilised to provide extra loft space and offer you a return on your investment by adding value to the property. Flat roofs are often constructed for a conservatory extension.

But this will mean that you will need to select a suitable roof type. For the construction of a translucent flat roof you will normally utilise materials such as corrugated plastic.

If you do not need light to be let in through the roof then some tradesmen may use fibreglass to construct your roof. So appoint an accomplished tradesmen in Londonderry and have a roof produced for your home's extension.