Roofers in Isle of man

Britain's oldest house was recently discovered on the Isle of Man where experts say it was built 3000 years ago before Stonehenge was built. Being built so many years ago, wonders what material and techniques were used to build the roof and how the building was kept warm back then?

If you would like your building to be around in 3,000 years time and are in need of an experienced Isle of man roofer, can help you find a reputable tradesman in your local area.

Whatever you need an expert roofer for, our time served professionals can help, from fire damage to rafters and structural roof sections to creating an opening for a velux window as part of a loft conversion.

No matter how big or small your budget our team at will find you the best from our selection of carefully selected roofers that can offer competitive prices, value for money and reliability.

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Metal roofing materials can be produced by experienced roofing specialists in Isle of man

Metal is an extremely adaptable roofing material and can be applied in a number of different settings and forms. You can enlist the services of our talented Isle of man roofing specialists to produce a varied assortment of roofing materials made from metal. Should the budget that you're working under not give you much to deviate from then you might wish to look into tin roofing, as it is inexpensive yet extremely resilient to damage.

Roofing made from aluminium is enjoying a boost in it's popularity as it is a lightweight durable material. Copper roofing is also a highly sourced material with which to construct roofing, as it is durable, and after it has been installed for some time it is imbued with unique shades of jade. Metal roof shingles can be utilised to provide a resistant covering for your roof that will extend its life line.

So appoint experienced tradespeople in Isle of man to receive metal roofing supplies at an easily affordable price.

Flat roof insulation can be introduced by experienced Isle of man roofing firms

A reliable Isle of man roofing experts will come in handy if you're looking to have insulation installed in your flat roof.

There are two designs of flat roof, and the sort of roof that you have will affect the type of insulation that you are able to install.

If you have a traditional cold deck flat roof then you will have to have insulation fitted to the inside of your home.

This can be done when you place mineral wool between the gaps in roof rafters, trapping warm air in this space beneath the roofing, and giving it its name of 'cold deck insulation'.

'insulation for warm deck roofing' is the alternative option which involves the placement of insulation like rigid foam insulation, which will bring the roof decking inside and cutting out the chances of suffering from damp.

All work performed is done so to a standard that is complicit with flat roof insulation regulations, as well as being done with the happiness of the customer at the forefront of the tradesman's mind.

So hire a reliable local tradespeople in Isle of man to install flat roofing insulation.