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The oldest building in Durham, The Normal Chapel, is positioned inside the castle and dates back to 1080; we wonder how many years to come will it still stand – hopefully many!

No matter how old your space is our team of Durham roofers can offer you the best service at the lowest price.

When you need an experienced company, can help you find a roofer that can help you put a roof on a self build property from a barn conversion to a modern town house.

If you just need some advice on the best materials to use or you are struggling to find a roofer in Durham who delivers excellent customer service just fill in our online enquiry form and let us find the right roofer for you, that we recommend.

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Talented roofing firms in Durham can be employed to undertake concrete roof repairs

If a problem has developed with your concrete roofing then you will benefit from the expertise of reliable roofing specialists in Durham. Even though concrete roofing set ups are normally extremely durable, should you happen to encounter an issue with your concrete roofing, it can be an arduous assignment getting it repaired.

However, you can recruit an accomplished roofing companies in Durham to repair your concrete roofing. If you have a concrete roof on your domicile it is extremely important that regular maintenance work is carried out so that you do not develop leaks in your concrete roofing.

Concrete sealant substances can be used to make your concrete roofing system waterproof so that leaks are not allowed to develop. So hire an experienced tradesmen in Durham to perform concrete roofing repairs at your behest.

Experienced Durham roofing firms can be recruited to build pitched roofs

Experienced roofing firms in Durham will be of great benefit when you're looking to have a pitched roof constructed.

In addition to being a roof type that you can rely on, pitched roofs also look fantastic.

Our talented roofing firms in Durham can be employed to build you a pitched roof.

Pitched roofs are incredibly popular as construction times are low.

They also do not require weather proofing, as the slope of the roof disperses rainwater by itself.

Our seasoned tradespeople are able to to provide you with pitched roofing insulation.

The construction of any pitched roofs will be undertaken to a standard that is able to satisfy building regulations for pitched roofs.

So recruit a reliable tradespeople in Durham and have a pitched roof built at an easily affordable price.