Roofers in Dudley

The Priory ruins that stand in the grounds of Priory park have been there since at least 1160; wonders if it was to be rebuilt today, what style of roof would be built?

If you would like to re-build your ruins or you just need help creating some light in your loft space then we can help to give you choice and peace of mind.

We only recommend the most reputable Dudley roofers that come with our seal of approval so you know that whatever your job needs are, you are in safe hands.

Our professionals can help undertake any roofing job and we have specialists in thatched roofing, slating and tiling as well as a team of experts who can carry out regular maintenance as often as you need it.

No matter how simple or complicated your requirements we have a specialist who is ready to help.

Skilled Dudley roofing experts can be recruited to run through the erection of a cold flat roof

If you wish to produce a cold flat roof then you will benefit greatly from the talents of roofing firms in Dudley. The production of a cold deck flat roof can be undertaken by our skilled roofing firms in Dudley. A cold deck flat roof is the term used to describe a flat roof where waterproofing is applied straight onto the top of the frame that makes up the roof shape.

The insulation for a cold deck roof is applied in the gaps between the beams of the roof which explains the origins of the handle of cold deck roof . If you're building a cold deck flat roof then you will have to provide a good system of ventilation to provide moist air pockets a route of escape before they are allowed to lead to damp. So appoint an accomplished tradespeople in Dudley and have a cold flat roof built.

Skilled Dudley roofing firms can be recruited to make flat roofs waterproof

If you have a flat roof and need to have it waterproofed a reliable roofing experts in Dudley will need to be appointed.

Leaking is a significant problem in flat pitched roofs and materials such as felt, that were once applied to make a flat roof waterproof are now seen as old fashioned and outdated.

Rubber waterproofing solutions are now frequently used to make flat roofs waterproof.

Rubber is one of the only materials that is absolutely waterproof and because of this is ideal for use as a waterproofing agent in a flat roof.

Rubber waterproofing was first seen in the sixties but it is only recently that the technology has been refined and it has developed into the leader in the market place.

Things like liquid based resin waterproofing solutions are also widely selected to waterproof flat roofs as a large surface area can be covered.

So have your flat roof made waterproof by hiring an experienced Dudley tradesmen.