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St Pancras Old Church is argued as being one of the oldest churches in Britain, some say dating back to AD 314. If it did date back that far in history, wonders what kind of techniques were used to build the roof and how long it took?

If you need one of our expert Camden roofers to help you with a renovation project or you have suffered damage to your roof, all you need to do is contact us and we will connect you to the best in the business.

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Ankura (Make it Home) Ltd

We are a unique deaf-led company specialising in construction and building work. We are based in London and cater to all boroughs. We employ...

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Taylor Property Services

Taylor Property Maintenance offers professional, reliable and flexible building maintenance and project management services for your home or...

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Aims Building Services LTD

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Materials for metal roofs can be catered by experienced Camden Town roofing experts

Metal can be applied in a number of different settings and forms to provide roofing as a result of it being an extremely adaptable material.

We have reliable Camden Town roofing firms who can be employed to supply a selection of metal roofing supplies.

If your budget is a stringent one then you could utilise tin roofing, as it is an extremely durable, inexpensive option.

Roofing made from aluminium has developed into an extremely popular proposition as it is highly damage resistant, and will help slash your heating bills.

Copper roofing is also an extremely popular with which to build domestic roofs, as it is an extremely hard wearing material, and through the passage of time it develops its own unique colour.

You can utilise metal roof shingles to provide a hard wearing roof covering that will help to make sure that your roof is able to last even longer without incident.

So appoint experienced tradespeople in Camden Town and have them provide you with metal roofing supplies at a price you can afford.

Skilled Camden Town roofing experts can be recruited to waterproof flat roofs

If you have a flat roof and need to have it waterproofed the expertise of an experienced Camden Town roofing specialists will be of considerable use. Flat roofs tend to leak and things such as asphalt, that were once administered to make a roof waterproof are now no longer appropriate. Rubber waterproofing are now an extremely popular way to for flat roof waterproofing.

Rubber is one of the only materials that is absolutely waterproof and for this reason is ideal for application in flat roofing. Rubber waterproofing materials were first brought to use in the 1960's but it was only in the last few years that the technology has been reached maximum efficiency and it has managed to become a market leader. Other common ways to waterproof a roof are things like liquid based resin waterproofing solutions as a large surface area can be covered.

So make your flat roof waterproof by appointing a reliable Camden Town tradesmen.