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Bromley house is one of the oldest brick built houses in the London area built in the 15th century; wonders how cold it was in the winter before they had roof insulation?

If you have your own house that dates back a few hundred years and you would like one of our expert roofers in Bromley to help bring it in the 21st century then can help connect you. prides itself on its reputation for connecting you with only the best roofers in the business and all completely free of charge.

From resealing a flat roof to helping rebuild after structural damage our Bromley roofers are ready to give you their price, without obligation so contact us today.

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Roof laths that are damaged can be re-administered by skilled roofing firms in Bromley

If your roof's laths are damaged then the expertise of an experienced roofing specialists in Bromley will be crucial. Whether your roofing laths have fallen into disrepair or they simply require replacing due to their age, our experienced Bromley roofing specialists can be recruited to run through a replacement for you. Roof battens can be acquired in a variety of materials with personal choice having a big effect on the type that you utilise.

Timber roof laths enjoy high levels of popularity as they do not cost a lot, but must be tanalised so that damp does not occur. Roofing battens made from metal also enjoy popularity as a light, strong alternative to wooden laths. Roofing laths made from plastic are also frequently utilised as they are lightweight, strong and not susceptible to damp.

So recruit an experienced Bromley tradesmen to provide you with roofing battens.

Skilled roofing firms in Bromley can be hired to repair concrete roofs

If a problem has developed with your concrete roofing then a reliable roofing specialists in Bromley will be of great benefit to you. Even though roofing systems made from concrete is usually an extremely reliable form of roofing, if you encounter an issue with your concrete roofing, it can be extremely difficult to have it repaired.

But the services of our reputable roofing experts in Bromley can be utilised to perform concrete roofing repair jobs. If you have a concrete roofing arrangement it is imperative that you are running through regular maintenance work so that leaks do not develop within your concrete roof structure.

Concrete sealants can be utilised so that you can make your concrete roof waterproof so that leaks are not allowed to develop. So recruit a reliable tradesmen in Bromley to repair concrete roofing on your behalf.