Roofers in Brecon

According to history, Brecon castle's moat and structure started in 1093 with the rest of the castle following in the 1200's; wonders what materials were used to build the roof back then and would it stand the test of time?

If you need to keep your castle warm, help to make it more energy efficient by introducing some roof insulation or you just need an emergency roofer in Brecon to help re-thatch your cottage then's team of Brecon roofers come with our seal of approval and are waiting to help.

Whether you just need a quick, one-off job or you need a long term roofer for a major building project all you need to do is talk to us. You can either fill in our online form or call our friendly advisers who will action your job request straight away. What are you waiting for?

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Metal roofing repair jobs can be done by skilled Brecon roofing experts

If you have a leaking metal roof then you will benefit greatly from the skills of reputable roofing firms in Brecon. A roof that is leaking will require a speedy repair as a leaking roof can result in significant damage.

Fortunately our talented roofing firms in Brecon can be appointed to undertake metal roof repairs. How severe the damage to the roof is will have an impact on the most suitable way to fix the leak.

If the damage is not excessive then roof repair tape can be used. Should the problem with your metal roof be more serious than that then a metal roofing sheet may need to be applied.

Upon completion of any sort of metal roofing work a sealant should always be applied to prevent recurrence. So appoint an accomplished local tradespeople in Brecon and have a repair done on your roof made of metal without it costing you an arm and a leg.

Experienced Brecon roofing firms can be enlisted to construct warm flat roofs

The skills of Brecon roofing firms will come in handy if you need to erect a warm deck flat roof. The construction of a warm deck flat roof can be carried out by a skilled Brecon roofing specialists.

A warm decked flat roof is a different from a cold deck flat roof in that the insulation is applied to the outside of your house which for all practical purposes moves the deck of the roof indoors, hence the name warm decked flat roof. Should you be looking to undertake a warm deck flat roof construction then a ventilation system will not have to be installed as it does not call for you to capture warm air pockets, but rather conserve the heat that is already in your home.

Our accomplished tradespeople can be appointed to carry out a warm deck roof construction job to a standard of working that will satisfy even the strictest of warm deck flat roofs. So enlist the services of our skilled Brecon tradesmen and have a warm flat roof built.