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One of the oldest structures in Bedford is reported to be the tower of St Peter's Church, dating back hundreds of years. wonders how many roofers have worked on the building since it was originally erected?

If you need to keep the rain out of your tower (unlikely) or you just need to increase the light in your loft space at home or at work then the only place to look for a trusted tradesperson is

We only work with the best roofers in Bedford who can undertake any roofing job, whatever the budget – big or small.

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Shed roofs that have leaks can be fixed by our reputable roofing firms in Bedford

If you have a flat roofed shed then you will know of the dangers of a leak. When water is allowed to gather on top of a flat roofed shed then holes will eventually materialise which could lead to damages to potentially expensive materials within. Sometimes it can be as simple a task as replace the garden shed felt on the roof on your shed roof which can usually be done yourself.

If you wish to run through a repair job by your own hand our skilled professionals can provide you with tips on the best way to repair a shed roof that is leaking. If the roof of your shed is not adorned with felt then the roof of your shed is probably adorned with shingles which our skilled tradesmen can no doubt replace. If the roof repair job for your shed is more complex then you can enlist the services of our skilled Bedford roofing firms to repair your leaking shed roof.

So enlist the services of our skilled roofing firms in Bedford to run through the repair of a flat roofed leaking garden shed.

Skilled roofing experts in Bedford can be hired to supply you with materials with which to construct garage roofs

If you need to build a domestic garage thought will have to be applied to the sort of garage roofing material that you are going to put to use if you're looking to run through the construction of a domestic garage. Our experienced roofing companies in Bedford can be employed to procure materials to be used in the construction of garage roofs.

Roofing sheets of corrugated bitumen can be offered to make up the main body of your domestic garage roof. You are also able to acquire plastic or steel corrugated roofing sheets.

Asphalt roofing shingles can be put to use on top of the roof frame and are an excellent way to quickly and efficiently cover the whole roof space. All garage roof construction work that is carried out is done so to a level that complies in full with all UK building regulations.

So to have materials supplied to you to be used to build a garage roof recruit a talented Bedford tradesmen.