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Being a World Heritage Site, Bath is steeped in architectural history and beautiful buildings. wonders how many roofers actually worked on these building when they were built hundreds of years ago?

If you want to keep your home beautiful and repair a leaking roof causing damp inside the property or maybe you want to reseal a flat roof to prevent structural damage to a single storey extension then look no further than our reputable roofers in Bath.

From small apartments to large estates, if it's a roof problem, we are here to help.

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Shed roofs that have sprung a leak can be patched up by our reputable roofing firms in Bath

If the roof of your garden shed is flat then you will know of the problems posed by a leak. If the surface of your shed roof is exposed to pools of water for a long period of time then eventually leaks will develop which may lead to the equipment stored within becoming damaged.

Often, all that will be required is to replace the shed felt on your shed roof which you can usually do by yourself. If you wish to run through a repair job by your own hand we have experienced professionals who are able to provide you with advice on the best way to repair a shed roof that is leaking.

If the roof of your shed is not adorned with felt then there is a good chance that you may have a shingle shed roof which our knowledgeable tradespeople can be hired to replace. If the roof repair job for your shed is more complex then you may need to appoint one of our experienced roofing firms in Bath to repair the leak in your garden shed roof.

So enlist the services of our skilled Bath roofing specialists to carry out a repair job on a flat roofed garden shed that has sprung a leak.

Roof tiles that have become dislodged can be re-administered by experienced Bath roofing experts

You will benefit from talented roofing firms in Bath should your roof tiles have become dislodged. It is a practical certainty that at some point in the future you will need to sort out a broken roof tile. But a failure to take preventative measures in the first instance can cause a problem to develop with the structural soundness of your tiled roof design.

Our skilled roofing firms in Bath can be hired to re-administer the tiles on the roof of your domicile. If you want to run through the repairs in your own time then you can call upon our talented tradespeople to help you hire a roof ladder. An accurate quotation can also be supplied so that you can be sure of the cost of a new tiled roof.

So have your slipped roof tiles replaced by hiring our reliable tradespeople in Bath.