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We are a local business dedicated to providing a high standard of workmanship and service with the clients needs in mind.

Established in 2010 with over 30 years of experience between the team we have proven ourselves to be plumbers without the plumbers reputation.

Our services range from changing a washer to a tap to whole system design,installation, servicing and repair.

With rising costs of fuel and after considering global warming our renewable energy systems are becoming more and more popular, especially with the governments renewable heat incentive you can benefit financially as well as knowing you are caring for the environment.

Images & Videos

Grant ASHE 215

Here is a picture of an air source heat pump which are becoming a very popular option for new builds.

Grant ASHE 215 from side

Here is the air source heat pump or 'ASHE' from the side

His and Her's wash basins

Here we fitted 2 basins for an en-suites, this was done to help the morning rush of get ready for work, school and the other of life's tight schedules.

UFH, The finished Product

Here we see the finished product of the underfloor heating system shown in a previous picture. No radiators to dust and a nice warm room

UFH in use with Heat Pump 2

Here is another picture from the same system.

UFH in use with Heat pump

Here we have the pipe runs of an underfloor heating system. As you can see the pipes are run and clipped on a 'celotex' type insulation as designed. The amount of pipe per room is dependent on the fabric of the building and the heating source. A liquid screed was then pumped over the pipes to a thickness of 50mm, this constructs the floor ready to be covered but also acts like a storage heater where by an even heat distribution can be provided to the room. Underfloor heating has an advantage over radiators in this respect as you don't have cold spots/areas in a room.

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