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lytag floor screed can be utilised when you need hard wearing flooring

Should you be looking to obtain an environmentally friendly screed to be utilised in the laying of damage resistant flooring then you might want to look into the possibility of using lytag screed. As it is a waste product made in the production of electricity, lytag flooring screed is a type of floor screed that does not harm the earth.

We have talented plastering and screeding companies in Wigan who can supply lytag screed and complete high quality screeding installation at your premises. Lytag floor screeding is a lighter than most other types of screed and if you need to administer screed to a large surface area such as an industrial flooring project, lytag lightweight aggregate is widely sourced as it allows for the transportation of larger loads.

Lytag screed has a faster drying time than other types of screeding and so allows for the faster completion of jobs. On top of this, it also possesses a high level of thermal insulation and so your system of commercial flooring will be able to retain heat.

So contract an accomplished Wigan tradesmen and receive flooring that is kind to the environment as well as being of a tremendous standard that may never need replacing.

Reliable Wigan plastering and screeding firms can lay on handsome plaster finishes

If you're running through plastering work on your residence then you have the freedom to boost its influence when you apply the principles of plaster finishing techniques.

You can employ one of our experienced Wigan plastering and screeding experts to use well known plastering techniques on the indoor walls of your house.

Or perhaps you would like your walls to be embellished with polished plaster approaches, such as pitted polished plastering, which contains small chips and grains to produce a cutting edge effect.

Or it could be travertine polished plaster that you have in mind, to have walls that imitate stone.

Or it may be that you want distressed polished plastering which is utilised in the production of plastering that has areas of contrasting smooth and coarse plaster for a unique effect.

So enlist the skills of our talented Wigan tradespeople and utilise stunning plaster finishing techniques on your walls.