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lytag lightweight aggregate can be applied to establish damage resistant flooring

If you need to find a floor screed that is ecologically friendly to be used in the creation of enduring flooring set ups then you might want to look into the possibility of using lytag lightweight aggregate. Because it is a waste product in the creation of electricity, lytag floor screed is an environmentally friendly method of floor screeding. We have talented plastering and screeding companies in Wakefield who can supply lytag flooring screed and lay the screed under your instruction.

Lytag floor screeding weighs less than other variations of screed and so if a project is of considerable size, such as industrial flooring, lytag screed is widely sourced as it allows for the transportation of larger loads. Lytag floor screed dries in a shorter time than other classifications of screed which removes the chance of screeding assignments running over. Lytag floor screeding also has fantastic thermal insulation properties which will accommodate the efficient storage of heat for your industrial flooring arrangement.

So enlist the services of our skilled tradesmen in Wakefield and have flooring that is ecologically sound and of an exemplary standard that will withstand the test of time.

Plaster wall reparations can be carried to completion by knowledgeable Wakefield plastering and screeding companies

If your plastered walls have sustained damage then a talented plasterer will be of considerable use. Though you may wish to tackle the repair job by your own hand, the fact that the task is difficult to run through means that should you not have prior experience in plastering, it may make better sense to contract a talented Wakefield plastering and screeding contractors to ensure that further complications do not arise at a later date. If the area damaged is not of considerable size then a plaster patch will normally ensure an efficient fix, but if it is of a considerable size then it may require a brand new board of plaster and a skimming.

If you are going to repair the damage yourself then you will need to acquire a set of decent tools for plastering. A plasterers trowel is the most important piece of kit a good standard of plaster mix and a decent workman's bucket will be imperative. In addition to this a plaster mixer will no doubt be a useful thing to have around as well as a reliable plasterer's hawk and a good plasterer's brush.

So enlist the services of our skilled Wakefield tradesmen to repair the damaged plaster walls in your home.