Plasterers & Screeders in Swindon

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You can recruit accomplished Swindon plastering and screeding companies to run through lime plastering

Lime plaster products may be of use to you should you be looking to plaster within your property.

The technique of applying lime plaster is one of the oldest that is still used in the UK and can be applied to create both breathtaking traditional plastering arrangements in addition to cutting edge plastering depictions.

Our experienced plasterers and screeders in Swindon are skilled in the art of lime plastering and utilise their skills on indoor plastering work, as well as the lime rendering of exterior walls.

Be it the rejuvenation of existing plastering set ups, running through a new plastering job, or applying lime plaster mix to the exterior wall areas of domestic or commercial properties, you can hire our knowledgeable experts to help.

Completed to a standard that is able to satisfy stringent lime plaster specifications you can rest easy at night knowing that the work has been carried out to standards of excellence rarely seen in the industry.

So enlist the services of our talented specialist tradesmen in Swindon and have them lime plaster your abode.

You can utilise lytag lightweight aggregate to construct low carbon flooring

When you need to obtain an environmentally sound screed to be used in the creation of durable flooring then lytag flooring screed may be worthy of consideration.

Because it is a waste product in the creation of electricity, lytag flooring screed is a floor screed that is kind to the environment.

Our reliable Swindon plastering and screeding specialists can be appointed to provide you with lytag floor screeding and complete high quality screeding installation at your premises.

Lytag floor screed is a lighter than most other types of screed and should you need to screed a large area, such as a commercial property floor, lytag screed is widely selected, as it means that large loads can be transported with ease.

Lytag flooring screed has a faster drying time than other types of screeding and so screeding jobs can be completed more quickly.

In addition to this, lytag floor screed also has excellent thermal insulation properties which will accommodate the efficient storage of heat for your commercial flooring.

So enlist the services of our skilled specialist tradesmen in Swindon and have environmentally friendly flooring of a high standard that will withstand the test of time.