Plasterers & Screeders in Sutton

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Plaster wall repair work can be undertaken by experienced screeders and plasterers in Sutton

If the walls in your domicile have become damaged then the expertise of a plasterer will be high on the agenda. Though you may wish to tackle the repair job by your own hand, the fact that the task is difficult to run through means that should you not have prior experience within the plastering trade, it might make better sense to hire a knowledgeable Sutton plastering and screeding specialists problems are not allowed to reoccur at a later date.

Should the damage only effect a small area of the wall then a plaster patch will normally ensure an efficient fix, but if a large area of the wall is damaged, it may be that you require a new plasterboard and skim job. If you're looking to fix the damage by your own hand then you will need to procure a set of decent tools for plastering.

The plasterers trowel is the most valuable tool in your utility belt and a reliable bucket and good standard of plaster mix mix will be essential. On top of this a plaster mixer will be of use to you in addition to a decent plasterer's brush and hawk.

So hire one of our accomplished Sutton tradespeople to run through a repair job on your damaged plastered walls.

You can call upon dry lining to establish reliable interior walls

As its installation can be done quickly and at low expense, throughout the last fifteen years or so, dry lining has grown in popularity.

Dry lining involves the applying of plaster boarding to surfaces, with a distinct adhesive or fixing agent being administered, dependant on the nature of the surface that it is to be applied to.

We have knowledgeable plastering and screeding companies in Sutton who can be recruited to fix in dry lining regardless of the surface that you need to line.

Tacking is the name attributed to the process of applying dry lining to metal fixtures or timber, and is the most straight forward way to dry line as the lining is fixed into place with nails or screws.

If you're applying dry lining to brick work then we call this 'Dot and Dab' and necessitates a higher level of competence, as plasterboard adhesive is being used.

Our tradespeople have years of experience working in the trade and can install dry lining to industry high levels of competence.

So have dry lining installed at a price you can afford by recruiting an experienced local tradespeople in Sutton.