Plasterers & Screeders in Slough

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Self levelling screed can be used when laying floors

If you wish to lay a new floor in your abode self levelling floor screed can be priceless.

Self levelling screed is manufactured to remove flooring irregularities and can be applied domestically or industrially as a result of its highly resistant qualities.

Obtainable as a powder that must be mixed with water, floor levelling concrete can be utilised to create flooring on to which flooring such as tiles or carpet can be administered should you so desire.

Our talented plastering and screeding firms in Slough can be recruited to supply floor levelling concrete and even lay the flooring for you if you wish.

A floor compound made formed with latex can be called upon if you are working to a more stringent budget.

So contract an adept specialist tradesmen in Slough and obtain magnificent flooring with self levelling concrete.

You can enlist accomplished plastering and screeding experts in Slough to undertake lime plastering

You may wish to consider the use of lime plaster products if you require plastering work to be done in your abode. Administering lime plaster is one of the most aged techniques of plastering utilised in the UK and can be used to create both breathtaking traditional plastering arrangements in addition to eye catching contemporary plastering arrangements. Our knowledgeable Slough plastering and screeding firms are well practiced in lime plastering and can exercise their talents on indoor assignments, as well as lime rendering your property's exterior walls.

Whether running through the remedial refurbishment of existing lime plastering jobs, applying lime plaster to create new arrangements, or administering lime plaster mix to outdoor walls of properties, our accomplished tradespeople can use their expertise to help. Done to a level of competence that satisfies the harshest of lime plaster specifications you can sleep safe in the knowledge that the work will be undertaken to the highest of trade standards. So enlist the services of our skilled tradesmen in Slough and have them lime plaster your abode.