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You can utilise dry lining to slow the spread of damp and heat loss

A prevalent issue in older buildings is the problem of dampness and poor heat retention. You can prevent these problems from obtaining a stronghold if you administer dry lining to your domestic structure. Damp is more significant a problem than people tend to first realise and not only to a property's aesthetic quality, but to its interiors, resulting in the deterioration of areas of plasterwork and masonry, alongside the creation of a living environment that is detrimental to the health of the property's occupants.

We have knowledgeable plastering and screeding experts in Reading who can be employed to provide your property with dry lining insulation and damp proofing, or to simply offer you dry lining tips should you wish to install the dry lining with your own two hands. With years of experience within the trade our seasoned professionals can be relied on to install dry lining wall insulation to a level that you can be proud of. So call upon the talents of our reliable tradesmen in Reading and see your old building supplied with dry lining to enable you to live in comfort.

Plaster wall repair jobs can be carried to completion by experienced Reading plastering and screeding firms

If the walls in your domicile have become damaged then the expertise of a plasterer will be high on the agenda.

Though you may wish to tackle the repair job by your own hand, the complex nature of the work ensures that if you are bereft of prior plastering experience, it could be more sensible to recruit an experienced Reading plasterers and screeders to prevent further damage developing in the future.

If the damage is confined to a small space on the wall then it can usually be rectified with the laying of a plaster patch, but if a large area of the wall is damaged, it may be that you require a new plasterboard to be installed and a plaster skim to be carried out.

If you're going to fix the problem on your own then you will need to acquire a set of plastering tools.

The most important piece of kit you will need to posses is the plasterers trowel and you will also need a good standard of plaster mix and bucket.

On top of this a plaster mixer will be of use to you in addition to a plasterer's brush and hawk.

So appoint our adept tradesmen in Reading to repair your plaster walls that have become damaged.