Plasterers & Screeders in Newry

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Experienced plastering and screeding firms in Newry to administer Tyrolean rendering cement

On top of making your abode look much nicer Tyrolean rendering is a fantastic way to shield your residence's exterior. Tyrolean rendering can be procured in a variety of colours and textures so that you can choose the best one for the feel of your property. Our knowledgeable tradespeople are in touch with the most dependable Tyrolean suppliers, so that you can sleep soundly knowing that your rendering is of the highest quality.

If you feel that you are adequately prepared, you could run through a Tyrolean rendering application with the tips and advice of our well practiced professionals. So employ a talented specialist tradesmen in Newry and have Tyrolean rendering applied to your house's exterior.

You can call upon dry lining to establish durable interior walls

As it is quick to install and relatively cheap, dry lining has grown in popularity over the last fifteen years. Dry lining is the applying of plasterboard to surfaces, with a different fixing agent being brought into play, depending on the nature of the surface that you wish to apply it to.

We have knowledgeable plastering and screeding firms in Newry who can be recruited to fix in dry lining irrespective of the surface that you require the lining of. Tacking is the process of applying dry lining to timber or metal fixtures and is the simplest form of dry lining as the lining is held in position with dry wall screws or clout nails.

If you're applying dry lining to brick work then we call this 'Dot and Dab' and requires greater skill levels due to the use of plasterboard adhesive. Our seasoned professionals have a wealth of trade knowledge and can be relied on to administer dry lining to an extremely high standard.

So employ a reliable tradespeople in Newry and have dry lining installed at a price you can afford.