Plasterers & Screeders in Llandudno and St Asaph

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Talented screeding and plastering firms in Llandudno and St Asaph can fix your ceilings with water damage

Should your ceiling have sustained damage then the skills of a plasterer will be handy. Whether the damage has been caused by water leaking through a roof hole, or a leaking pipe within your ceiling cavity, the damage that results can range from a nasty stain, to the worst case scenario of a collapsed ceiling.

Our skilled plastering and screeding firms in Llandudno and St Asaph can be appointed to undertake a plaster ceiling repair. You can also hire them to run through repair jobs on ceilings fire damaged ceilings to bring your home back to normal.

They know that it can become very stressful being without a ceiling, so will do all they can to be on site in next to no time. So enlist the skills of our talented tradespeople in Llandudno and St Asaph and have your damaged ceiling repaired to return your home to its former majesty.

floor screed that is self levelling can be administered to level a surface before wood flooring is laid

Your surface will need to be evened out before the installation of wooden flooring. You call call upon self levelling screed to make sure that your floor is suitably flattened before you go about laying wood flooring on top. By simply applying self levelling floor screed to your concrete underfloor and ensuring that all areas are level with a trowel or spatula, wooden flooring can be applied as soon as the mixture has been left to dry.

You can appoint a talented plastering and screeding specialists in Llandudno and St Asaph to level your floors under your instruction should you prefer it. We would advise that you install damp proofing underlay so that once you have laid your wood flooring in place you will not have to sort out difficulties that develop due to the presence of unwelcome moisture which can cause warping in your wooden flooring. So to have someone level your floors for you to a level that will leave you satisfied, appoint an adept Llandudno and St Asaph trade professionals.