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You can utilise lytag floor screeding in the laying of eco-friendly flooring

When you need to source a floor screed that is kind to the environment to be used in the creation of enduring flooring set ups then lytag floor screed is a route that you may wish to investigate. Because it is the result of the production of electricity, lytag flooring screed is a floor screed that is kind to the environment.

We have talented plastering and screeding firms in Lincoln who can supply lytag lightweight aggregate and if necessary, lay it on your behalf. Lytag screed does not weigh as much as other types of screeding and if you are applying floor screed to a sizeable area lytag floor screed is a popular selection as it allows for the easy transportation of large amounts.

Lytag screed takes less time to dry than other screeds and so ensures that screeding tasks can be finished on time. On top of this, it also possesses a high level of thermal insulation and so your industrial flooring arrangement will retain heat.

So contract an accomplished tradesmen in Lincoln and have environmentally friendly flooring of a high standard that may never need replacing.

Polymer rendering mix can be administered by experienced Lincoln screeding and plastering experts

Polymer rendering solutions are the latest augmentation to the current rendering marketplace in the UK today.

The most recent enhancement to the UK rendering market are polymer rendering solutions.

As the mixture is imbued with silicone water repellent and so will help to stop you from succumbing to damp problems within your abode.

You can enlist the services of our experienced plastering and screeding firms in Lincoln Polymer renders come in many different colours, and can also be made into a number of different textures, with designs ranging from a simple flat sponged finish, to the age old classic, pebble dashed.

When combined with a nylon based undercoat, long lasting rendering arrangements can be created.

So recruit an experienced tradesmen in Lincoln so that they can administer polymer rendering to the exterior walls of your residence for less than you might think.