Plasterers & Screeders in Glasgow

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acrylic screeding can be used to establish long lasting floors

If you need to source a reliable form of flooring screed acrylic floor screeding may be jut what you have been looking for. You can call upon acrylic flooring screed to offer a durable basis of flooring, onto which an array of flooring types, such as parquet flooring. Our skilled Glasgow plastering and screeding specialists can be appointed to to supply you with acrylic screed, and administer it in your stead if necessary.

Acrylic floor screeding can be used to create indoor flooring, and is also regularly found in many industrial buildings, but due to its hard wearing nature is also a popular choice for outdoor flooring in settings such as as a base to a concrete floor. Because of it's fast drying nature, acrylic floor screeding is frequently used by plastering and screeding firms as it helps them to complete jobs on time. So recruit a talented tradesmen in Glasgow and receive acrylic flooring screed that will never need to be replaced.

Dry lining can be used to slow the spread of heat escaping old buildings

A common problem with properties of a certain age is high levels of dampness, coupled with an inability to hold heat well. These issues can be stamped out when you add dry lining to your property.

Damp is a more serious issue than most people tend to assume and not only to a property's aesthetic quality, but to its interiors, resulting in the deterioration of areas of plasterwork and masonry, alongside the creation of an unhealthy living environment for the occupants of the building. Our skilled plastering and screeding firms in Glasgow can be appointed to install dry lining damp proofing and insulation, or to simply provide dry lining tips if you wish to instate the dry lining using your own merit.

With years of experience within the trade you can rely upon our seasoned professionals to install dry lining to an exemplary standard. So call upon the talents of our reliable specialist tradesmen in Glasgow and see dry lining infuse your old building to facilitate your comfortable habitation.