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A selection of tools will need to be used to administer dry lining

You will need to utilise a varied mix of equipment if you want to instate dry lining in your home. The progress of your dry lining installation task rests upon you having a drywall saw, allowing you to cut plasterboard to fit.

Another important piece of kit be a decent finishing trowel. All of these tools can be provided by our skilled plastering and screeding companies in Exeter, and they can utilise them should you need them to carry out installation.

If you are utilising sections of dry lining of a significant size then you may find use in a moving trolley. Another piece of kit that will help with the aesthetic appearance of the induction will be that of a hand sander.

Depending on the type of dry lining induction that you aspire to run through, you might find a joint knife of considerable use. So appoint an accomplished local tradespeople in Exeter and procure all the equipment needed for a successful induction.

lytag lightweight aggregate can be applied to construct low carbon flooring

When you need to source a floor screed that is kind to the environment to be used in the creation of enduring flooring set ups lytag floor screeding may be an avenue worthy of consideration. Because it is the result of the production of electricity, lytag floor screed is an ecological type of floor screeding.

Lytag screed can be supplied by our skilled plastering and screeding companies in Exeter and lay the screeding if required. Lytag floor screeding weighs less than other variations of screed and so if you are screeding large areas, such as on a commercial flooring project lytag flooring screed is a popular selection as it allows for the easy transportation of large amounts.

Lytag screed takes less time to dry than other screeds and so ensures that screeding tasks can be finished sooner. In addition to this, lytag lightweight aggregate also has excellent thermal insulation properties and so your industrial flooring arrangement will efficiently retain heat.

So enlist the services of our skilled specialist tradesmen in Exeter and have high quality, ecologically sound flooring that will last for some time.