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Lime render cement can be applied to external walls by Enfield plasterers and screeders

Whilst still looking fantastic, lime rendering is a substance that possesses the ability to defend your home's exterior brick or stone work. Our experienced screeders and plasterers in Enfield can be recruited to administer lime rendering to your domicile. Lime rendering is able to absorb moisture, then causing it to evaporate as an alternative to soaking straight through the brickwork, and then the interior walls, ensuring that you do not end up with a damp problem in your home.

You can obtain Lime rendering solution in a host of different colours and shades, as well as a vast array of textures, and it's flexible nature makes it a popular material in all areas of the country. Lime rendering has self healing properties which will help to make sure that the render does not easily crack, ensuring that it will last a long time without need for replacement. So appoint an accomplished local tradespeople in Enfield to have Lime rendering administered to your property.

You can call upon dry lining to lay top quality interior walls

Dry lining has grown in popularity over the last decade as it can be installed quickly and inexpensively. Dry lining involves the applying of plaster boarding to surfaces, with a distinct adhesive or fixing agent being brought into play, depending on the nature of the surface that you wish to apply it to.

You can enlist the services of our skilled Enfield plastering and screeding firms to apply dry lining irrespective of the surface that you require the lining of. Tacking is the name given to the process of applying dry lining to timber or metal workings and is the simplest type of dry lining to install as dry lining can be held in place with the application of dry wall screws or clout nails.

Should you be looking to apply dry lining to brick or masonry areas then this is known as 'Dot and Dab' and necessitates a higher level of competence, as plasterboard adhesive is being used. Our accomplished experts have years of experience within the trade and can administer dry lining to industry high levels of competence.

So have your walls dry lined without it costing you an arm and a leg by hiring a knowledgeable specialist tradesmen in Enfield.