Plasterers & Screeders in Edinburgh

You can utilise dry lining to impede heat escape and damp areas

An issue that often occurs in properties that are older is the problem of dampness and poor heat retention. You can prevent these problems from obtaining a stronghold if you install dry lining to your domestic structure.

Damp is a more dangerous issue than one tends to first realise and not only to a property's aesthetic quality, but to its internal structure, with the end result of destroying areas of plasterwork and masonry, alongside the creation of a living environment that is detrimental to the health of the property's occupants. Our skilled plastering and screeding experts in Edinburgh can be appointed to induct dry lining damp proofing and insulation, or to quite simply supply you with dry lining tips if you would wish to install the dry lining with your own two hands.

By calling upon their years of industry experience our tradespeople can induct dry lining wall insulation and damp proofing to a level that will leave you feeling satisfied. So hire a knowledgeable tradesmen in Edinburgh and see your old building supplied with dry lining to facilitate your comfortable habitation.

You can utilise floor screed that is self levelling to level out a floor to create a base for conservatories

If you're looking to construct a new domestic conservatory a base of a high standard will need to be constructed, and can be brought to fruition through the use of self levelling flooring screed. Although the focus of many people is on the outward appearance of their property the durability of the conservatory basis will have a lasting impression on how long the conservatory is to last. You can enlist the services of our talented plastering and screeding specialists in Edinburgh to run through the job of constructing the conservatory base if you do not feel that you are up to the job, or they are able to offer you advice and recommendation if you wish to take on the challenge yourself.

A membrane for damp proofing will have to be instated before you begin work on the base. So employ a reliable Edinburgh tradespeople and have them administer self levelling screed for floors to create a top quality base so that you can have the conservatory that you've always dreamed of.