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Lime render can be patched onto your home's walls by Dunfermline screeding and plastering companies

Whilst still offering an aesthetically pleasing appearance, lime rendering is a substance that is able to protect the brick and stonework of your property. We have talented Dunfermline screeding and plastering contractors who can be enlisted to adorn your property with lime render.

Lime rendering is able to absorb moisture, then causing it to evaporate as an alternative to soaking directly into the bricks, and from there interior walls, helping to prevent the occurrence of damp within your domicile. Lime rendering solution can be procured in an assortment of shades, on top of many a different texture, and the flexible nature of the material, means that it has become a highly sought after material.

Lime rendering is also self healing which will ensure that the rendering does not crack, making sure that there will not be a need to replace it any time soon. So enlist the services of our skilled tradespeople in Dunfermline to have an expert administer Lime rendering to your home's exterior.

floor screed that is self levelling can be called upon to level a floor with underfloor heating

Self levelling flooring screed may be of significant use to you if the floor that you need to level has a built in arrangement of underfloor heating.

Even though there is not one singular type of flooring screed that has been specifically formulated to be used with underfloor heating set ups, we would strongly advocate liquid underfloor screed, as its hard wearing nature and speedy drying times allow for a quick and easy assignment.

If you wish to obtain underfloor heating advice or would like someone who can level your floor at your behest you could enlist the services of our skilled Dunfermline plastering and screeding firms.

Because it is considerably stronger than other screed types such as a cement based screed mix, self levelling screed for floors can be administered at a more shallow depth which will shave time off the overall time it takes to complete the job.

This is also brought to light by the little time it takes the screed to dry.

So recruit an experienced tradespeople in Dunfermline and have them carry out a screeding of your flooring without you having to break the bank.