Plasterers & Screeders in Chelsea

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You can call upon dry lining to lay long lasting interior walls

In the last fifteen years, dry lining has experienced a popularity boom as it can be installed quickly and inexpensively. Dry lining is the applying of plasterboard to surfaces, with a different fixing agent being called upon depending on the type of surface it is being applied to.

There are talented plastering and screeding experts in Chelsea who can be hired to apply dry lining no matter what sort of surface that you need to have lined. Tacking is the name given to the action of fixing dry lining to timber or metal fixtures and is the simplest form of dry lining as it is held in place with nails or dry wall screws.

If masonry is being dry lined, we call this 'Dot and Dab' and this requires a greater level of skill. Our tradesmen have years of experience working in the trade and can be relied on to administer dry lining to industry high levels of skill.

So appoint an accomplished Chelsea tradesmen and have dry lined walls without you having to break the bank.

Self level mix can be called into use in the creation of flooring

Self levelling concrete will be of critical importance when you're looking to lay domestic flooring.

Self levelling screed has been developed to remove flooring irregularities and can be applied domestically or industrially owing to its damage resistant properties.

Coming as a powder that is then added to water to form a paste, self levelling floor screed can be called upon to design flooring set ups on which to lay anything from tiles to carpet.

You can contract an experienced Chelsea plastering and screeding specialists to supply self levelling floor screed and level the floor at your behest should you wish.

You can administer a latex floor levelling mix if you want to level the floor at a reduced expense.

So appoint an accomplished Chelsea tradesmen have have stunning floors made from floor levelling concrete.