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You can call upon dry lining to stop heat loss in old homes

A common problem with properties of a certain age is the presence of dampness and loss of heat.

You can prevent these problems from obtaining a stronghold if you administer dry lining to your property.

Damp is more significant a problem than people tend to first realise and not only to the way that the building appears, but to the workings of the building within, eventually culminating in the disruption of areas of plasterwork and masonry, alongside the creation of an unhealthy living environment for the occupants of the building.

You can enlist the services of our talented plastering and screeding companies in Chelmsford to induct dry lining damp proofing and insulation, or to simply offer you dry lining tips should you prefer to install the dry lining yourself.

Owing to their years of trade experience, you can rely upon our adept professionals to install dry lining to a level that will leave you feeling satisfied.

So enlist the services of our skilled tradesmen in Chelmsford and have dry lining inducted into your home to enable you to reside there comfortably.

Lime render plaster can be administered to your home's walls by Chelmsford plastering and screeding experts

Whilst obviously looking brilliant, lime rendering is a substance that possesses the ability to protect the stone and brick work of your domicile. You can employ an accomplished Chelmsford plasterers and screeders to have lime rendering applied to the exterior of your residence.

Lime rendering operates by catching moisture, then causing it to evaporate as an alternative to soaking through the brickwork into the interior walls, ensuring that you do not end up with a damp problem in your home. Lime render can be acquired in many different shades and colours, as well as a number of different textures, and it's versatile nature makes it a popular choice for homes across the UK.

Lime rendering is also self healing which will ensure that the rendering does not crack, ensuring that the rendering job lasts much longer. So employ a talented Chelmsford tradesmen to adorn the exterior of your property with Lime rendering.