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experienced Cardiff screeders and plasterers can undertake wall skimming

You may wish to contract talented Cardiff plastering and screeding companies should you wish to redecorate your domicile and you wish to have your walls skimmed. The word skimming refers to the process of working a thin layer of plaster onto your home's wall, then make sure that the plaster is evened out so that you are presented with an even finish onto which paint can be applied should you wish.

With the help of our knowledgeable tradespeople you need not fret about the cost of skimming walls, as they can be procured without you having to break the bank. You can even receive guidance on painting after skimming.

So employ a knowledgeable Cardiff tradesmen and have your walls skimmed to an incredibly high standard. So have your walls skimmed to an incredibly high standard

Dy lining can be applied to construct reliable interior walls

As it is quick to install and relatively cheap, dry lining has grown in popularity over the last fifteen years.

Dry lining involves the applying of plaster boarding to surfaces, with a distinct adhesive or fixing agent being utilised, depending on the type of surface that you are working with.

There are talented plastering and screeding companies in Cardiff who can be hired to apply dry lining no matter what sort of surface it is that you need to line.

Tacking is the term attributed to the action of dry lining metal fixtures and is the easiest type of dry lining to implement as it is held in place with nails or dry wall screws.

Should you be applying dry lining to masonry then this is known as 'Dot and Dab' and calls for a greater level of skills, as plasterboard adhesive is being used.

Our tradesmen have a wealth of trade knowledge and can install dry lining to an extremely high standard.

So hire a knowledgeable tradespeople in Cardiff and have dry lining installed at a price you can afford.