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Dry lining can be used to establish long lasting interior walls

The popularity of dry lining has developed over the last decade or so as its installation can be done quickly and at low expense.

Dry lining refers to the application of plaster boards to surfaces, with a different fixing agent being used dependant on the surface you are working with.

We have knowledgeable plastering and screeding firms in Canterbury who can be recruited to fix in dry lining no matter what sort of surface it is that you need to line.

Tacking is the process of applying dry lining to timber fixtures and is the least problematic dry lining approach as the dry lining can be held in position via a series of nails or screws.

Should you be looking to apply dry lining to brick or masonry areas then this is known as 'Dot and Dab' and necessitates a higher level of competence, as plasterboard adhesive is being used.

Our tradesmen have a wealth of trade knowledge and can be relied on to administer dry lining to industry high levels of skill.

So receive dry lining for less than you might think by appointing an accomplished tradespeople in Canterbury.

Plaster wall repairs can be done by accomplished Canterbury plastering and screeding contractors

If your plasterboard walls have fallen into disrepair then the skills of a plasterer will be essential.

Even though you might want to carry out the repair yourself, the complex nature of the task ensures that if you do not have prior experience in plastering, it may make better sense to hire a knowledgeable plastering and screeding firms in Canterbury problems are not allowed to reoccur at a later date.

If the damage is limited to a small area then it can usually be rectified with the laying of a plaster patch, but if a large section of wall is affected it might be that you need a new plasterboard and skim job.

If you're going to fix the problem on your own then reliable plastering tools will need to be sourced.

A plasterers trowel is the most important piece of kit and you will also need a reliable brand of plaster mix and bucket.

Along with this a plaster mixer can come in handy, in addition to a plasterer's brush and hawk.

So appoint our adept tradespeople in Canterbury to repair your plaster walls that have become damaged.