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lytag floor screed can be applied to establish hard wearing flooring

If you need to find a floor screed that is ecologically friendly with which to create hard wearing floors then then lytag screed is a route that you may wish to investigate. As it is a waste product made in the production of electricity, lytag flooring screed is an environmentally sound type of floor screed. Our experienced plastering and screeding experts in Burton-on-Trent can cater lytag floor screeding and lay the screeding if required.

Lytag screed weighs less than other variations of screed and if you need to administer screed to a large surface area such as an industrial flooring project, lytag lightweight aggregate is a popular selection as it allows for the easy transportation of large amounts. Lytag floor screeding also dries more quickly than other screed types and so screeding jobs can be completed more quickly. In addition to this, lytag screed also has excellent thermal insulation properties which will accommodate the efficient storage of heat for your industrial flooring arrangement.

So appoint a talented Burton-on-Trent tradesmen and have environmentally friendly flooring of a high standard that will withstand the test of time.

Experienced Burton-on-Trent plastering and screeding specialists can incorporate cement rendering on your exterior walls

If the exterior of your home requires decorating you might want to look into the use of cement rendering.

In addition to offering the external areas of your home shelter from all but the worst weather conditions, cement rendering can be procured in a vast array of different colours, to make your home more beautiful to behold.

Because it is so adaptable, our accomplished plastering and screeding companies in Burton-on-Trent can be recruited to put cement rendering solutions to use to create unique textures and designs.

They can also be appointed to cement render a wall using traditional methods if that is an idea that you deem more appropriate.

Cement rendering also possesses excellent durability with some jobs lasting over 30 years.

So hire an accomplished specialist tradesmen in Burton-on-Trent in order for them to cement render your domicile's exterior walls to the highest of standards.