Plasterers & Screeders in Bromley

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floor screed that is self levelling can be utilised to even out a floor before flooring is laid

You will need to make sure that your floor is level before the instatement of wood flooring. Self levelling screed for floors can be administered to make sure that your floor is levelled off appropriately prior to the laying of wooden flooring.

Simply by pouring your self levelling screed onto your concrete floor and ensuring that all areas are level with a trowel or spatula, you are ready to lay wooden flooring once the mixture has dried. An experienced Bromley screeding and plastering contractors can be contracted to create level flooring in your stead should you prefer it.

We would advise that you install damp proofing underlay so that when your wooden floor has been installed you need not address problems posed by the presence of excess moisture which can result in your wood flooring beginning to warp. So to receive a floor levelling in order to lay a wooden floor, recruit an accomplished Bromley trade professionals.

Repairs of plaster walls can be carried to completion by knowledgeable Bromley screeders and plasterers

If your plasterboard walls have fallen into disrepair then a talented plasterer will be of considerable use. Although it may be that you want to run through the repair job yourself the difficulty of the job means that if you do not have prior experience plastering, it may be more prudent to recruit an experienced screeding and plastering companies in Bromley to make sure that difficulties do not redevelop later down the line. If the area damaged is not of considerable size then it can usually be sorted out with the laying of a plaster patch, but if a large area of the wall is damaged, it may be that you require a new plasterboard and skim job.

If you are going to repair the damage yourself then a set of decent tools for plastering will have to be obtained. The plasterers trowel is the most valuable tool in your utility belt and you will also have to be in possession of a good quality plaster mix and heavy duty bucket. In addition to this a plaster mixer will be useful in addition to a plasterer's brush and hawk.

So enlist the services of our skilled Bromley tradesmen to repair your plaster walls that have become damaged.