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Dry lining can be applied to stop heat loss in old homes

A problem that often develops in properties that are old is high levels of dampness and poor insulation levels.

You can help to stop these problems if you administer dry lining to the building in question.

Damp is more damaging than one tends to originally think and not simply to the aesthetic appearance of a building, but to its interiors, resulting in the deterioration of plasterwork and masonry areas, in addition to creating unfavourable living conditions for the residents of the abode.

Our accomplished Bristol plastering and screeding firms can be recruited to instil your property with dry lining insulation and damp proofing, or to simply provide dry lining tips if you wish to install the dry lining by your own hand.

With a wealth of industry knowledge at their disposal our seasoned professionals can be relied on to install dry lining wall insulation to an industry high level of competence.

So call upon the talents of our reliable local tradespeople in Bristol and see your old building supplied with dry lining to help make living there far more comfortable.

Skilled Bristol plastering and screeding specialists can patch cement rendering on external property walls

You may wish to consider using cement rendering should you be looking to decorate the outside of your domicile. Whilst providing the outside of your home with protection from the elements, cement rendering can be obtained in a selection of different colours, to enhance your property aesthetically. As it is such a versatile material, our accomplished Bristol plastering and screeding specialists can be recruited to take advantage of cement rendering mix to administer original designs and textures.

They can also be used to traditionally cement render a wall if that is what you would prefer. Cement rendering is also incredibly durable with the standard application lasting up to 30 years on occasion. So hire an accomplished tradesmen in Bristol and have them cement render the external walls of your house to the industry high levels of competence.