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Polymer rendering solutions can be incorporated by reliable Brighton plastering and screeding specialists

Polymer rendering products are the newest addition to the rendering marketplace in this country. The latest newcomer to the current UK rendering marketplace is polymer rendering mix.

As the mixture is imbued with silicone water repellent and so will help to cut down on your chances of developing a damp problem within your domicile. Our skilled plastering and screeding firms in Brighton can be appointed Polymer renders can be procured in a wide selection of different colours, and can also be laid into a rich variety of styles and textures, from a scraped finish to a pebble dashed effect.

When combined with a nylon based undercoat, extremely systems of polymer rendering that will stand the test of time can be created. So recruit an experienced tradesmen in Brighton in order for them to polymer render your domicile's exterior walls at an easily affordable price.

Floor levelling compound can be utilised to help lay flooring

Self levelling concrete will be of critical importance in the laying of flooring within your home. Self levelling floor screed has been composed to cover up any flooring irregularities and can be used in both a commercial and domestic environment due to the fact that it is incredibly resistant to damage. Coming as a powder that is then added to water to form a paste, floor levelling concrete can be used to create a floor on top of which you can lay carpets or tiles should you desire.

Our skilled plastering and screeding companies in Brighton can be enlisted to cater floor levelling concrete and perform a floor levelling should you so wish. A latex self levelling floor compound can also be brought into use if you want to level the floor at a reduced expense. So enlist the services of our skilled tradesmen in Brighton and have the flooring you deserve by utilising self levelling screed.