Plasterers & Screeders in Brecon

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Skilled plasterers and screeders in Brecon can perform repairs on plaster ceilings

The skills of a plasterer will come in handy if you have damaged your ceiling. Be it water that has leaked in through a roof hole, or a leaky pipe dripping onto your ceiling, can vary, from the sight of an unsightly stain, or the worst case scenario of your whole ceiling collapsing on itself. Our skilled Brecon plastering and screeding contractors can be appointed to run through a plaster ceiling repair.

They can also be enlisted to repair ceilings fire damaged ceilings to have your home looking as good as it once did. They know that it can become very stressful being without a ceiling, so will do all they can to be at your side to repair it within no time at all. So employ adept local tradespeople in Brecon and receive a plaster ceiling repair to return your home to its former majesty.

self levelling flooring screed can be utilised to lay hard wearing tiled flooring

Self levelling screed may be an option worthy of consideration, when you're looking to lay a tiled floor in your home.

Self levelling screed is a great way of removing any irregularities that you may have in your floor before the induction of your flooring material of choice, in this instance, tiled flooring.

Our accomplished Brecon plasterers and screeders can be hired to lay floor screed that is self levelling so that you can have a gorgeous tiled floor.

Although it is not to be used as your final arrangement of flooring, it can quickly level out the floor so that you can lay beautiful tiled floors over the top.

You can purchase self levelling floor screed as either a water based compound, or if you would rather, an acrylic founded compound, with the type that you obtain resting on personal preference.

So recruit a talented Brecon industry experts so that they can administer self levelling screed for floors to provide you with a fabulous tiled floor.