Plasterers & Screeders in Bath

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You can administer lytag flooring screed to create hard wearing flooring

When you need to source a floor screed that is kind to the environment to be used in the creation of durable flooring then lytag lightweight aggregate is a route that you may wish to investigate.

As it is a waste product made in the production of electricity, lytag lightweight aggregate is an environmentally sound type of floor screed.

Our reliable plastering and screeding experts in Bath can be appointed to provide you with lytag screed and lay the screeding if required.

Lytag floor screeding weighs less than other screed types and should you need to screed a large area, such as a commercial property floor, lytag floor screed is a popular choice as bigger loads can be transported more easily.

Lytag floor screeding dries in a shorter time than other classifications of screed and so ensures that screeding tasks can be finished sooner.

Lytag flooring screed also has fantastic thermal insulation properties and so your industrial flooring arrangement will retain heat.

So recruit a knowledgeable tradespeople in Bath and have environmentally friendly flooring of a high standard that will last for some time.

Polymer rendering can be applied by reliable Bath screeders and plasterers

Polymer rendering supplies are a newcomer to the current rendering marketplace in the UK today.

The newest addition to the UK rendering marketplace is that of polymer rendering products.

Polymer rendering mixture contains a silicone water repellent, and so will lower the chances of you developing a damp problem within your domicile.

There are reliable Bath plastering and screeding specialists who can be employed You can obtain polymer rendering in a variety of colours, and can also be laid into a rich variety of styles and textures, from a scraped finish to a pebble dashed effect.

When combined with a nylon reinforced base coats, extremely durable rendering systems can be established.

So recruit an experienced tradesmen in Bath and have them apply polymer rendering to your home's exterior walls for less than you might think.