Plasterers & Screeders in Banbury

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Talented screeders and plasterers in Banbury can administer cement rendering on your external walls

Cement rendering may be an avenue worthy of exploration should you be looking to decorate the outside of your domicile. Whilst providing the outside of your home with guarding from bad weather, cement rendering can be acquired in a number of different shades, to make your home even more attractive. Because it has a versatile nature, we have knowledgeable screeders and plasterers in Banbury who can call upon cement render to administer original designs and textures.

They can also be used to traditionally cement render a wall should that be preferable to you. Cement rendering is also extremely hard wearing with some jobs lasting over 30 years. So enlist the services of our skilled Banbury tradesmen and have them cement render the external walls of your house to the industry high levels of competence.

Floor levelling compound can be administered when laying floors

When you're looking to lay domestic flooring self levelling screed can be priceless. Floor levelling concrete has been composed to remove flooring irregularities and can be used in both domestic and industrial settings because of its incredibly hard wearing nature.

Obtainable as a powder that must be mixed with water, self levelling floor screed can be called upon to design flooring set ups onto which flooring such as tiling can be laid. You can hire a reliable plastering and screeding firms in Banbury to supply self levelling screed and even level of the floor on your behalf should you desire.

You can administer a latex floor levelling mix if you are looking to level the floor in a cost effective manner. So call upon the skills of our experienced specialist tradesmen in Banbury have have stunning floors made from self levelling concrete.