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Lime render mix can be applied to external walls by plastering and screeding specialists in Aberystwyth

Lime rendering has the ability to safeguard against any harm coming to the brick and stone workings of your abode, yet offering a handsome aesthetic quality at the same time.

Our experienced plastering and screeding specialists in Aberystwyth can be recruited to apply lime rendering to the exterior of your property.

Lime rendering is able to absorb moisture, then allowing it to evaporate rather than soaking through the brickwork into the interior walls, making sure that you do not end up contending with damp.

Lime rendering mix is purchasable in an array of separate colours, as well as a vast array of textures, and it's flexible nature makes it a popular material in all areas of the country.

Lime rendering is also in possession of self healing properties, which will help to cut down on cracking ensuring that it will last a long time without need for replacement.

So enlist the services of our skilled local tradespeople in Aberystwyth to have an expert administer Lime rendering to your home's exterior.

self levelling screed can be used to lay arrangements of tiled flooring

When you're looking to lay a tiled floor in your home, self levelling screed may be a flooring option that you are interested.

Self levelling floor screed is a fantastic way of eliminating any floor abnormalities before you embark on the laying of flooring materials such as tiled flooring.

A reliable Aberystwyth plastering and screeding experts can be recruited to administer floor screed that is self levelling so that you can start to get the benefit of a gorgeous tiled floor.

Though it is not designed to be a final surface to be walked upon, it facilitates the speedy levelling of a floor, so that you can lay beautiful tiled floors over the top.

Self levelling screed for floors can be acquired as either a water based compound, or if you would rather, an acrylic based compound, with the type that you choose to purchase depending on personal preference.

So obtain a fabulous tiled floor when you enlist the services of our skilled Aberystwyth tradespeople and have them utilise self levelling flooring screed.