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Talented Aberdeen plastering and screeding experts can mend your ceilings with water damage

An accomplished plasterer will be of considerable use should your ceiling have sustained damage. Be it water that has leaked in through a roof hole, or water soaking through from a damaged pipe, the resultant damage can be at best case scenario a large, unpleasant stain, or at worst, the total collapse of your ceiling. Our skilled screeding and plastering companies in Aberdeen can be appointed to carry out a plaster ceiling repair.

You can also hire them to run through repair jobs on ceilings fire damaged ceilings to leave your home looking good as new. They know that it can become very stressful having no ceiling, so will do their best to be there to repair as soon as is possible. So enlist the skills of our talented local tradespeople in Aberdeen and have your damaged ceiling repaired so that your house is able to look its best once more.

You can use dry lining to eliminate damp and heat loss

A problem that often occurs in older properties is a high level of dampness as well as a low level of heat retention.

These issues can be stamped out when you administer dry lining to your domicile.

Damp is a more dangerous issue than one tends to first realise and not only to the way that the building appears, but to its inner workings, culminating in the destruction of plasterwork and masonry areas, in addition to creating a living environment that is detrimental to the health of the property's occupants.

Our accomplished plastering and screeding firms in Aberdeen can be recruited to install dry lining damp proofing and insulation, or to do nothing more than offer you dry lining tips if you would wish to install the dry lining by your own hand.

Owing to their years of trade experience, our skilled tradesmen can be relied on to install dry lining wall insulation to an exemplary standard.

So call upon the talents of our reliable tradespeople in Aberdeen and see dry lining infuse your old building to enable you to live in comfort.